Get Word With Compact Word On Windows 10

There often times that you need a word processor to type up notes or a document, and you don’t exactly want to fire up the overwhelming Word app on Windows 10. Now, Compact Word has launched, and its a great alternative.

Compact Word is made by Tablet Software Ltd, and it is a lightweight and simple word processor, that works like Word. It has a ton of features built-in, and is a free app, with some in-app purchases available.

Compact Word Makes Viewing Doc Files Easy On Windows 10

App Features

With Compact Word, you get a simple and easy to use word processor, that works across your Windows 10 devices. You can use it to view Word documents, print docx files, and edit & save doc files whenever you need them.

Opening the Compact Word app lets you navigate and search within the document, zoom in & out of the document, and insert images, tables, comments, and anything else. It supports doc, docx, rtd, htm, html, xml, and txt files formats.

Edit & Manipulate Doc Files With Compact Word

Is It Worth It?

Within the comments of the Windows Store, many reviewers are loving the Compact Word app, and for a free price, it makes it worth it. It’s called a real winner, easy to use, and a very fast app, just like Word on Windows 10.

If you want a simple to use Word style app, Compact Word is a great app to try out. It’s quick to install and use, and viewing doc files is simple. Some advanced features do cost extra, so be aware of that when you download and install it.

Compact Word is a great choice for Windows 10 fans. It’s a simple and easy to use free viewer, and worth trying out.

Published: Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 Last Modified: December 25, 2016

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