Get Weather At Your Fingertips With Echo App On Windows 10

The technology with weather can be staggering at times, and knowing the forecast for the hour, day, week, or month can make a difference. Echo is a new Windows 10 app, and its quite a weather and radar app built into one.

Echo is a Windows 10 app made by Hometown Graphics, and its a free app with in-app purchases. It takes animated weather and data eaders together, and brings advanced forecasting tools to deliver amazing weather forecasts to your Windows 10 device.

Echo Weather App Brings Layers To Weather Forecasting To Windows 0

Echo App Features

With the Echo weather app, you get 10+ engaging weather radar layers, and it lets you analyze anything from basic radar to temperature and humidity. It lets users see the data, with both at-a-glance graphs and with detailed visualizations.

Users can customize and reorder active layers with the built-in editor, and then create an ideal experience with the maps. It has smooth and responsive wather animations, and has a ton of weather layer options.

Pinpoint Weather Locations With Echo Weather & Radar App

Touch, Click & Windows 10 Ready

Users can search and save locations with the search tool, and then use the weather app mode to make it a favorite weather app. An interesting feature is to touch or click the map, and choose your favorite locations from around the world.

Customization is also a feature of Echo, and it has unit preferences for the US, UK, Canada, and other metric countries. Various map themes can customize the weather maps, and location services allow for pinpoint location entries.

Echo is an advanced and interesting weather/radar app. It’s free, and quite a download to try and forecast your next weather outing.

Published: Sunday, July 2nd, 2017 Last Modified: July 2, 2017

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