Get The Best Radio App For Listening On Windows 10

Radio has long been something that is listened to across traditional means, and the Internet has made listening to the radio much easier. On Windows 10, several radio apps are available on Windows 10, and make the radio experience amazing to enjoy.

The simple process of finding your favorite station and hoping to find a good station is long behind us, and new Windows 10 radio apps let you pinpoint your listening desires. With our two favorites, Radio listening can be a joy once more.

Microsoft Windows 10 Radio Listeners Enjoy Radio With App is one of the most simple apps to use on Windows 10, but has over 300 live broadcasts to enjoy at anytime. It features HD and digital-only stations from CBS Radio, over a dozen music genres, and broadcasts across the US.

It includes ways to see what songs are playing, a deeper Now Playing experience, station info, latest music headlines, audio quality adjustments while listening, and tons of stations to enjoy, and all for free.

TuneIn Radio Gives Global Radio Listeners A Great App

TuneIn Radio

One of the other more popular Windows 10 radio apps is TuneIn Radio. This has the largest collection of radio stations among the apps, and is totally free. It features talk radio, music, public radio, and much more.

With over 100,000 real radio stations around the globe, this is the global radio fan’s radio app come true. It also supports podcasts for listening to them, whenver you want. TuneIn has it all, and is totally free to listen to anytime.

Both and TuneIn are great Windows 10 apps. US listeners might like more, but global fans might like TuneIn a little more.


TuneIn Radio

Published: Monday, May 16th, 2016 Last Modified: May 16, 2016

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