Get Soundcloud On Your Windows 10 Machine

Soundcloud is one of the biggest music services on the planet, and its music discovery has launched artists from around the world. But, its Windows 10 app has been missing, that is until a new release marking its beta showed up recently.

A new Soundcloud Beta has been launched on the Windows Store from Soundcloud, and its an official app to enjoy Soundcloud’s music. It’s still in beta, but it’s quite a beta app to enjoy.

Soundcloud Launches Windows 10 App In Beta

App Features

With the Soundcloud app, users are able to enjoy the world’s largest catalog of music, and it gives music from the mainstream to the underground to users. It has tons of tracks available to listen and enjoy.

Inside the app, it has mood-based playlists to listen when in the mood, it has hottest music on the Soundcloud charts, and it collects music via your music history. The app is a fully featured music enjoyment app.

Stream Favorite Soundcloud Music Within New Windows 10 App

Tons Of Tracks To Listen

The Soundcloud service has over 120 million free tracks to enjoy 24/7, and it has the largest collection of music anywhere. It has an upload playlist that guides music according to the users tastes.

Inside the app, it has an easy sign-in feature that lets users use it across devices, plus it works with Cortana to listen to music selections with your voice. It is the app many waited for, and is a app worth downloading.

Soundcloud is available now via the Windows Store. It’s a true beta app, but its quite a music service to savor.

Published: Thursday, June 1st, 2017 Last Modified: June 1, 2017

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