Get Real Time Images With Live Orbital Wallpapers On Windows 10

The classic Windows wallpaper has gone away in recent years, and interactive wallpapers featuring live images are almost a norm. Now, a new one called Live Orbital Wallpapers brings new images to your Windows 10 device.

Live Orbital Wallpapers is made by KeerDev, and its a free Windows 10 app on the Windows Store. Its main functionality is free, but in-app purchases are available to enhance the features of this wallpaper app.

See The Earth With Windows 10 Desktop App

Amazing Images

With Live Orbital Wallpapers you are getting real-time satellite images brought to your Windows 10 desktop. You can choose between images of the Earth or the sun, and these are stunning images.

The app lets you put the wallpaper images on your desktop or lock screens, and the images are taken from a number of open sources. You can then use those images to monitor the Earth & Sun if you desire.

Transform Your Windows 10 Desktop Into Live Images Of The Earth

Near Live Updates & Features

The app itself updates in the background during the day, and this lets you see the various images throughout your day. It uses those images to adapt to your screens resolution, thus not overtaking your desktop.

The app uses the Russian satellite Electro-L2 to get the images it pulls, and is a quick download and installation on your Windows 10 device. In tests, it puts beautiful images on the desktop and is a nice overall change.

Live Orbital Wallpapers is free on the Windows Store. Try it out, and see if your desktop looks a lot more interesting with images of the Earth passing by.

Published: Sunday, May 21st, 2017 Last Modified: May 21, 2017

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