Get Ready For Valentine’s Day With Two Windows 10 Apps

The Valentine’s Day holiday is quickly approaching, and technology has allowed us to spread love using it in useful and creative ways. Now, there are two new Windows 10 apps, that will spread the love of Valentine’s Day in new ways.

The two new Windows 10 Valentine’s Day apps act in similar ways, but allow you to do totally separate things. The first, Valentine works on Windows 10 devices, while Love & Valentine Cards work exclusively on Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Valentine App Prodvides Countdown To Valentines Day On Windows 10

Valentine App

Valentine is a free app, made by developer Sumit Dutta. It works simply to produce a countdown to the holiday, and displays it in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. This makes it easy to not forget the holiday, and always remember that special someone.

Secondly, the Valentine app includes 40 preset SMS messages, 30+ wallpapers, 30+ romantic ideas, and lastly 30+ romantic gift ideas. It’s a rather simple app, but it gets the Valentine’s Day off to a good start with the free app.

Send Special Valentines Day Cards With Love & Valentine Cards App On Windows 10

Love & Valentine Cards

Love and Valentine Cards is another free app, made by Signity Solutions. It works only on Windows 10 devices, but it lets users send Valentines Day cards to anyone. You can send personalized cards and choose from lots of templates.

The personalization of the Love & Valentine Cards app is quite amazing, and it includes a number of cards as well. Included are a number of love quotes and images, and lets you customize it for your favorite Valentine, and lets you send it to them.

Both Valentine & Love and Valentine Cards are out on the Windows Store. If you enjoy the upcoming holiday, give them a spin.

Valentine App Link

Love & Valentine Cards

Published: Friday, February 10th, 2017 Last Modified: February 10, 2017

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