Get Help with Windows 7 From Microsoft via Twitter

Microsoft setup a new twitter acount solely for support services:

Microsoft’s Twitter Customer Service:

Some of the  people behind the Twitter customer support are:

Andrea ^AC, Andrew ^AC, Brian ^BK, Zahn ^ZB

This new concept of support services has been very successful for companies like Dell before, why shouldn’t it work for Microsoft?

In order to get help with your Windows7-related problems, you’ll have directly send a message to MicrosoftHelp via Twitter. E.g. “How to dual-boot Windows 7?” @MicrosoftHelp

Their profile photo definitely has style:

Although you will find plenty of tweaks for Windows 7 on here, it might be helpful for some to get some answers from an experienced support staff, but of course you can also ask us to write about a more difficult problem or if you didn’t receive a satisfying answer from MicrosoftHelps.

Published: Friday, October 16th, 2009 Last Modified: October 16, 2009

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