Get Focused On Writing With Dysprose On Windows 10

When you are writing, it is very easy to lose focus, and get lost in your thoughts. There are some apps that help out, but many fail. A new one called Dysprose is out there, and its a free one to try.

Dysprose is made by app developer Colin Kiama, and its a free Windows 10 app. It is a writing app that lets you stay focused on writing, and helps fade out everything else on your desktop.

Dysprose Makes Writing More Focused For Writers

App Features

The premise behind Dysprose is pretty simple. It puts the writing block of virtual paper in front of you on the screen, and is wipes out everyhing in the background. This makes you focus and stay on task.

By blurring out the flow intensity as the app calls it, users can use it on a low, classic, or intense setting. You can setup that time for a certain timeframe, and then time the current session of writing time.

Dysprose Lets Writers Write

Does It Work?

For many, the thought of making just the visible writing space available could scare some, but for some it might work. For me, I found it very useful, and helped keep my thoughts in the foreground.

The app works across the Windows 10 PC and Hololens devices, and is a light download. Ideas can flow to the writer easier using this type of masked interface, and for some it might make them a better writer.

Dysprose is a new and interesting writing app. It helps you to stay focused while writing, and that is an important thing.

Published: Sunday, November 12th, 2017 Last Modified: January 12, 2018

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