Get Any Device Info With Device Manager On Windows 10

There are times when you are using your Windows 10 PC, that you need to get device information about any device on your system. There are apps and tools built for it, but a new app called Device Manager from Attractor Mobile Software is one to try.

This premium Windows 10 app is meant to give you all the techincal information about your Windows 10 devices. It’s a very well designed app, and is very user friendly, and will keep you interested to your Windows 10 PC like never before.

Get Device Information Using Device Manager

Device Manager Features

With Device Manager, you get an app that provides you full information about the device: general information, characteristics of a system, display, CPU, OS, battery, data about network and connected devices, etc.
It does it far better than any app we’ve tried as well.

It also lets you copy all data and the selected information, export all data or selected information into a text document, print that report on your external printer, and lets you take notes using the built-in Ink Tool, and save it as a .png file.

Run Network Tests & Device Reports Using Device Manager App

Device Manager Actually Works

With this Windows 10 app, you can use it on your Windows 10 PC or phones. Since you can gain access to almost any part of your device, you can see where it succeeds, fails, and when you have issues to isolate them to troubleshoot.

It’s a $5.99 premium app on the Windows Store, but for under $6, is a bargain for the amount of information it supplies. With the device information at your fingertips, and reports for external sharing, you’ll know your device in new ways never seen.

If you clammor for Device Manager information, try this app. It’s a tech lovers dream, and gives you amazing visual data.

Published: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 Last Modified: November 23, 2016

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