Get A Windows 10 Aquarium With Aqua TV

Many of us love fish, aquariums, and wish we had one in our home or apartment. The obvious cost, upkeep, and feeding of the fish usually keep many away from buying one, but now for only $3.99, you can get an awesome one for your Windows 10 machine.

Aqua TV is made by Extra Mile Studios Ltd, and it lets you build your own aquarium on your Windows 10 machine. It offers users a lot of different options, and is a fun purchase for one looking to relax and unwind on their machines.

Aqua TV Brings An Aquarium To Your Windows 10 Machine

Aqua TV Features

With Aqua TV, you can choose a fish tank, and then you can change the floor, walls, decorations, and then the fish. It gives you beautifully animated and created 3D fish that shine. It has a ton of custom options which make it your own.

Inside, you can shuffle between a number of different tanks that you have made and customized, and view them from all angles. These include from the front, from above, and any angle you choose. You can even listen to music as you chill out with the fish.

Visualize Stunning Fish With Aqua TV App

A Virtual Aquarium

Yes, while the Aqua TV isn’t an ideal solution for you wanting a real aquarrium in your life, it brings one to your Windows 10 PC or Xbox One. It comes in very affordable, and gives users a ton of options, and it looks beautiful.

You can choose any number of settings within the app, but know that it can stutter on lower end graphics machines. You can get it started in minutes, and then build your ideal aquarium, just like in your favorite restaurant, office, or on TV.

Aqua TV is a fun aquarium app, and on Windows 10. Try it out, and start your virtual aquarium dreams today.

Published: Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 Last Modified: January 11, 2017

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