Get A Cheap Upgrade Copy: Windows 8 Upgrade Discounts Coming In June

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According to the latest rumors Microsoft will begin to offer upgrade discount deals from June this year onwards, the same time around which the Windows 8 Release Preview (Release Candidate) build is supposed to be launched.

Microsoft To Begin Discounting Windows 8 Upgrade From June This Year

According to veteran Microsoft reporter Mary Jo Foley, the company will begin discounting upgrades to Windows 8 as early as June this year. The date she has given out is June 2 and it sounds like a good time for the Windows 8 release Preview build to be out as well. So may be Microsoft will announce both at once. The Redmond-base company has not replied to official queries in this regard, giving rise to more speculation about the veracity of this claim.

Windows 8 is still rumored to be coming out by the end of this year, October to be precise. But this is still all hearsay. There’s absolutely nothing official to go on when it comes to these claims. However, secondary evidence also shows that Windows 8 is very likely to launch by the end of this year.

Most companies are readying their Windows 8 products for sale in October/November, with the latest addition being Intel themselves. The company partnered with a number of device makers to bring out Windows 8 device right as the OS hits the market. Current rumors put the retail availability of these devices at November this year.

Other companies like Nokia, Lenovo and HP have also talked about their plans for bringing out Windows 8 based devices such as Ultrabooks, hybrid models and tablets. Even smartphones are rumored in some cases. Popular handset makers like HTC and Samsung have already talked about their plans for bringing out Windows Phone 8 devices.

And all of these companies have hinted at an end of the year launch. However, official statements are obviously not available because that would confirm that Windows 8’s commercial launch timeframe.

Published: Thursday, May 17th, 2012 Last Modified: May 18, 2012

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