Get 10 More Light Windows 7 Themes

Can’t get enough light Windows 7 themes? Here are 10 more themes with that special something.

Get 10 More Light Windows 7 Themes

1. Pastelia for Windows 7

This theme, with pastel colors, pink, yellow and light gray, is specifically designed for people seeking a clean workspace, with sweet and soft colors.
A style for every taste, for making you feel always more cheerful… : )

Light Pastelia Theme
Download Light Pastelia | Mirror

2. Shine 2.0 for Windows 7

Absolutely fantastic, i’ve tried a LOT of themes and this is the only one i’ve stuck with; in my opinion this is easily the best Windows 7 theme : ).

Light Shine 2.0 Theme
Download Light Shine 2.0 | Mirror

3. Win7-Blend for Windows 7 v1.8

Even though the x64 version lacks the new superbar buttons, it still does look smooth and nice.

Light Win7-Blend Theme
Download Light Win7-Blend | Mirror

4. Ultimate For Windows 7 Basic

A visual style for Windows 7 users. This theme uses a stylish UI as well a colorful window button in-order to give Basic users a more pleasant PC experience. This theme is still in the beta stage and does contain minor bugs and issues.

Light Ultimate Theme
Download Light Ultimate | Mirror

5. Win7-Shine for Windows 7 v1.4

Clean and pretty. You’ll like it!!

Light Win7-Shine Theme
Download Light Win7-Shine | Mirror

6. Colors 2.0 For Windows 7 Basic

A new and colorful pack of visual styles for Windows 7 users, the pack is based off of the “Aero” color scheme and contains themes similar to each color and is very unique.

Light Colors 2.0 Theme
Download Light Colors 2.0 | Mirror

7. Minimal Taste Reloaded for W7

Just for you, and for me of course… I give you Minimal Taste Reloaded! This is one of my older themes revamped, cleaned up and polished for a photo finish.

Light Minimal Taste Reloaded Theme
Download Light Minimal Taste Reloaded | Mirror

8. Silver for Windows 7 Basic

A theme based of my personal taste, I believe it turned out very nicely and hope you do too; more updates will be coming soon. Enjoy!

Light Silver Theme
Download Silver | Mirror

9. Green Spirit VS

Green Spirit – the most complete Visual Styles for Windows 7 RTM

Light Green Spirit Theme
Download Light Green Spirit | Mirror

10. Zune Collection for Win7

This theme is totally inspired by the great Zune Player from Microsoft.

Light Zune Collection
Download Light Zune Collection | Mirror

Published: Sunday, June 19th, 2011 Last Modified: May 26, 2013

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