Get 10 Great Grey Windows 7 Themes (Free Download!)

Grey might be a boring color for Windows 7 themes. However, if you mix a desaturated grey with some fancy colors you can get some really cool deigns. If you are a true customizer, you should get your hands on one of these great grey themes and make Windows 7 a truly fascinating experience.

10 Great Grey Windows 7 Themes

1. 7clean V.1.1.1

7clean. One of the most complete themes on deviantart.

Gray 7clean V.1.1.1 Theme
Download Gray 7clean V.1.1.1 | Mirror

2. 7clean Wallpaper Pack V2

Windows 7 Visual Style.

Gray 7clean Wallpaper Pack V2 Theme
Download Gray 7clean Wallpaper Pack V2 | Mirror

3. Yuuga

The theme looks better if you disable blur and remove caption bar icons.

Gray Yuuga Theme
Download Gray Yuuga | Mirror

4. Polymer for Windows 7

The final version of my latest Windows 7 Visual Style “Polymer” for aero includes Windows 7 Theme and explorerFrame.dll.

Gray Polymer Theme
Download Gray Polymer | Mirror

5. Pical 2.0

Pical 2.0 is an update of my older theme Pical. It features fixes and some changes.

Gray Pical 2.0 Theme
Download Gray Pical 2.0 | Mirror

6. Elegant GRAY v.2

The style is a completely reworked visual style for Windows 7 RC and RTM.

Gray Elegant GRAY v.2 Theme
Download Gray Elegant GRAY v.2 | Mirror

7. Dalton 7

Tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x32 only!

Gray Dalton 7 Theme
Download Gray Dalton 7 | Mirror

8. Aero Zen

The vs was tested and works fine in windows seven final x86 & x64.

Gray Aero Zen Theme
Download Gray Aero Zen | Mirror

9. Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3

Mac OS X CustoPack for Windows 7 – DP3 !

Gray Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3 Theme
Download Gray Mac OS X Lion Inspirat DP3 | Mirror

10. Classic AE 2.0 SBE

Classic AE 2.0 Light Blue and Gray schemes with Windows 7 classic style start buttons.

Gray Classic AE 2.0 SBE Theme
Download Gray Classic AE 2.0 SBE | Mirror

Published: Friday, June 17th, 2011 Last Modified: June 2, 2013

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