Get 10 Complete Dark Windows 7 Themes

Looking for some complete dark Windows 7 Themes? Here we go! Turn your desktop into a complete black pitch where you can get LOST as easily as on that special island.

1. Placebo for Windows 7

Placebo for Windows 7 is without a doubt one of the best themes available for Windows 7. It’s dark, clean and smooth. I love this theme so much that i’m actually using it on all 3 of my Windows 7 computers!

Dark Placebo Theme
Download Dark Placebo | Mirror

2. Ka7ana Stealth Alpha X86+X64

This is for windows 7 aero only! I love this visual style!

Dark Ka7ana Stealth Alpha X86+X64 Theme
Download Ka7ana Stealth Alpha X86+X64 | Mirror

3. Iron Man Theme For Windows 7

This Is Mine And Wigglewormz Iron-Man Themes, I am doing a comic book hero series, in my themes and screenhosts folder located in my gallery. So if you like this or my other themes/screenshots keep an eye out for them.

Dark Iron Man Theme
Download Dark Iron Man | Mirror

4. Dark Agility – Visual Style

I came to the idea of making this visual style through all the comments about a new black/dark visual style for windows 7. So this is the result. Hope you like it.

Dark Agility Theme
Download Dark Agility | Mirror

5. NautiKK – visual style

Actually, the use of the cyan color is inspired by the new formula 1 team Mercedes GP. They use this color on their f1 car, which looks, in my opinion, awesome. So I thought, why not creating a visual style with this color? This is the result.

Dark NautiKK Theme
Download Dark NautiKK | Mirror

6. Dynamic Black

Hope you all enjoy my visual style. Would appreciate comments and/or fav’s!

Dark Dynamic Black Theme
Download Dark Dynamic Black | Mirror

7. Demoniac 7 VS

It’s a cool dark theme. You’ll like it!!

Dark Demoniac 7 Theme
Download Dark Demoniac 7 | Mirror

8. Concave 7

This is my new theme based on an Awesome and very popular XP theme called Concave by the Very Talented George Harrison.

Dark Concave 7 Theme
Download Dark Concave 7 | Mirror

9. Crystal Gloss

I’ve been workin for months on this visual style. Thought i would never end it.

Dark Crystal Gloss Theme
Download Dark Crystal Gloss | Mirror

10. Zune QuickPlay for Win7

I would like to present you my new visual style called Zune QuickPlay. I decided to make this theme cause i really like the dark and white interface of Zune player and thought it would be nice to have a visual style that looks like Zune.

Dark Zune QuickPlay Theme
Download Dark Zune QuickPlay | Mirror

Published: Thursday, June 16th, 2011 Last Modified: March 10, 2014

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