Gearbox Again Confirm Aliens: Colonial Marines Look Awesome On Next-Gen Wii

Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U will be the best-looking version on consoles.

Perhaps games on the Wii U won’t look terrible after all, at least if it’s being developed by Gearbox

So the Wii U’s re-reveal is really close – less-than-two-weeks close – and we’re still getting comments on the console’s performance. It may even be more powerful than the current HD consoles, which would be a surprise.

Gearbox’s senior producer Brian Burleson said, twice, the Wii U is a powerful machine. That’s good and everything, but powerful is the least we expect: Nintendo is just supporting HD resolutions, so 1080p is the least expected. The console should be raising the bar for performance because it’s going to be out for five years, though I do feel the impact of new graphic engines will be less because HD games do look great this generation. Developers have the experience of working on HD consoles so, in theory, games should be looking as they do now from launch.

It’s also a tantalising tease: the Wii U’s specs are not to be revealed, probably because Nintendo is going to reveal them at E3 2012 along with a launch date and price. In some ways the pricing is actually more interesting because it could be a barometer of how Microsoft and Sony will price its respective consoles and software.

Wii U games will be better

Eurogamer adds to the optimism: it said, according to its sources, that ported games from the Xbox 360 and PS3 will look about the same. However, games built for the console will look the best. I’m already getting excited about the next Mario and Zelda titles.

Gearbox also said the technology is more modern, hence better performance. Publisher Sega stopped specific details from being revealed, and Burleson said to Eurogamer the specs haven’t been finalised yet. I imagine with E3 around the corner developers have a good idea though, as there must have been a target to shoot for.

Nintendo has previously said that it’s not entirely focused on better graphics technology, and is instead focusing on the games. The comments then left many people wondering if Nintendo was indirectly confirming the console wouldn’t be a generational leap in performance, which many expected. There’s also the question of what the console’s online system looks like.

Published: Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 Last Modified: May 29, 2012

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