Gartner: Non-Apple Tablets Sales Will Increase When Windows 8 Launches, Including Android

Ballmer Presenting Windows 8 Tablet

A growth in tablet sales will be linked to the launch of Windows 8.

Research from Gartner Inc says that manufacturers are relying on Windows 8 to boost tablet sales

Research from Gartner Inc says that, while Apple will remain the dominant tablet supplier until 2016, Microsoft will be experiencing growth at the company’s new operating system launches later this year.

The research says that companies thus far have failed to make ground on Apple. Some reason cites are, for example, the lack of apps on the Android platform that are built specifically for tablets. It’s probably also down to the fact Apple has the consumer mindset at this point: people ask if a tablet is the iPad, and only know about the iPad unless they’re tech enthusiasts.

However, the research also says that the lack of tablet revealed at CES this year was due to the upcoming Windows 8 launch. Manufacturers see the OS as pushing non-Apple tablet sales, which is probably due to the fact that the Metro interface in Windows 8 is designed with tablets in mind. Not only does this allow for a specific type of content presentation, but Microsoft is also pushing different tablet form factors and specs. This means, unlike companies that put out a tablet with a specific design and specification, Microsoft also has the advantage of being able to appeal to a wider range of consumers at once.

A quick start

Gartner also published projections for Worldwide Sales of Media Tablets to End Users for Windows 8. Following this year’s launch, 2012 will bring just over 4,800 while 2013 will bring over a three-fold increase to 14,547. That will triple again in 2016 to 43,678, showing the rapid rise of a new tablet OS and faster year-on-year growth – from 2011 to 2012 – compared to Android.

If anyone can mount a challenge to Apple, it’s Microsoft. They have the consumer presence, the money and the resources to produce a range of devices. Of course the operating system is important, but Windows will have a huge install base. And that install base means lots of developers, so there will be a wide choice of tablet-specific apps.

Windows 8 launches this year with the Consumer Preview available now to download.

Published: Thursday, April 12th, 2012 Last Modified: April 12, 2012

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