GameStop: Xbox Durango Barring Used Games Would be Surprising, “Anti Used Game Policy” Unlikely

Gamestop Xbox Durango Used Games Ban

Will there really be an anti-used games policy in the Durango Xbox? GameStop CEO doesn’t think so

A rumour earlier this month suggested the next Xbox could restrict user from playing used games, though GameStop think that’s unlikely

Among all of the next-gen rumours that are coming out every week, one of the more puzzling rumours was that the next Xbox would not allow used games to be played. On that rumour, GameStop see the implementation as unlikely.

GameStop CEO, Paul Raines, said in an investor call today that such a console would be unlikely to happen: “It’s unlikely there would be that next-gen console … the model simply hasn’t been proven to work.” He added the used games do have value for retailers – takings go directly to the retailer. He said GameStop generates $1.2 billion of “trade credits” around the world. He added that making used games worthless would mean retailers would have to find new ways to sell games. He also said “the console companies have great relationships with us.”

On the trade credit figure, he added most consumer were putting that back into buying games. Raines also said that the result was games became affordable, so not allowing used games would mean less purchases from consumers.

Suggesting another reason why Microsoft specifically probably won’t discard used games, Raines said their highest “market position” is with the Xbox 360 and Microsoft. He said pre-owned games are not a “cannibalistic business:” pre-owned games start at low price points, around $18 according to Raines. This means consumers can get into an expensive market easily, and last year proved that even high-profile titles quickly drop in price.

He also described the used games market as a way for “that leading edge consumer to dispose of their old games.”

No used games next-gen?

Kotaku also previously posted rumours on the next Xbox, saying that it would not allow users to play used games.

In the report Kotaku said that Microsoft will also go Blu-Ray in the next generation, catching up with Sony’s PlayStation 3. Blu-Ray discs have a size limit of 50GB, meaning games such as Mass Effect 3 and LA Noire would be able to fit on one disc rather than two or three respectively.

Whether retailers would support the move is another question entirely.

Published: Friday, March 23rd, 2012 Last Modified: March 23, 2012

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