Games With Gold To Continue On Xbox 360

Xbox 360 users who have loved the Games With Gold promo on Xbox Live Gold got great news from Microsoft on Friday. They announced that they would continue the promotion indefinitely and this will make Xbox Live Gold members happier than ever with the free monthly games.

The Xbox 360 promo coincides with the upcoming release of Xbox One in November, and has gotten Microsoft numerous new subscribers to Xbox Live Gold, just for this promotion. The two free games per month to Xbox Live Gold members has been a huge hit and will continue to be one.

Games With Gold Continues On With Xbox Live Gold

Battling Playstation Plus

The Games With Gold promo is aimed to go directly at Sony with its Playstation Plus promo that Sony users enjoy with the Playstation 3 and the Vita game units. That promo which is a yearly on monthly fee, gives them free games per month, and has been very successful in getting users signed up on Xbox Live Gold.

As the PS4 launch is near, Xbox and Microsoft are getting as many users aligned with their Xbox Live Gold system as ever. With PS4 users getting their PS3 and Vita subscriptions to Playstation Plus rolled over into the new console, Xbox is getting users the same thing on the Xbox One.

Halo 3 Free For Xbox Live Gold Members In October

October Highlights

The Xbox Games With Gold promo for October features big games like Halo 3 and Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. These two games have been huge blockbusters on the Xbox 360, and now users who haven’t had a chance to download them, can do so for free with their Xbox Live Gold subscription.

The program which started in July 2013, has featured some of the biggest games for the Xbox 360 to give gamers free games. With Halo 3 being available on October 16th, users will have able to get one of the highest rated games on the Xbox 360 for free with their yearly or monthly subscription.

The Xbox Games With Gold promo is genius by Microsoft. It helps users sign up for the Xbox Live Gold subscription, and please gamers with free games every month. By continuing it indefinitely, it gives gamers more reasons to use the Xbox and Xbox Live Gold.

Published: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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