Games With Gold Includes Xbox 360 And Now Xbox One

The Games With Gold program from Microsoft has been a very successful program for Xbox 360 users, and Microsoft has used it to get people to use their Xbox 360’s more. On Friday, Microsoft announced the June titles, but now will include the Xbox One in its Gmaes With Gold program.

The Games With Gold program has been a huge hit on the Xbox 360, and earlier this year Microsoft mentioned it would be arriving on the Xbox One. With the official announcement done, Microsoft is giving love to Xbox One fans and encouraging users to sign up for the Xbox Live Gold service.

Microsoft Launches Games With Gold For Xbox One Users

Xbox One Gets Two Free Games

The Xbox One will get two free games courtesy of the Games With Gold program from Microsoft. The first one is “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood”. This fun game puts the user in control as Max the main character, and the user must solve puzzles to fight a villain named Mustacho.

Second, users will get the game “Halo: Spartan Assault”, which is from the Halo franchise of games. This is a different take on the Halo games and has had mixed reviews overall. Users can join Commander Sara Palmer in training simulations and join in co-op battles against the flood. Both will be available in June on the Xbox One.

Microsoft Gives Xbox 360 Users 3 Games In June

Xbox 360 Gets 3 Games

Xbox 360 users will be getting 3 free games from Microsoft, and this is a great time to be a Xbox 360 gamer. The first game is Dark Souls, which is known for its difficulty. It is a highly designed game, is mysterious, and one of the more challenging games on the Xbox 360 platform. It will be available from June 1-15.

The second free game from Microsoft is Charlie Murder, and this kids type game is a side scrolling game for all ages. It features fun music, a zombie apocolypse type theme, and a cartoon feel to it. It will be available from June 16-30. Additionally, Microsoft will be releasing Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition during this time for free. With over 39 characters it will be a huge hit.

Xbox with Games With Gold is a must have. Microsoft is giving away games every month, and now includes the Xbox One.

Published: Saturday, May 31st, 2014 Last Modified: May 31, 2014

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