Games With Gold Goes Huge In November

As part of their rewards for their Xbox Live Gold subscription, Microsoft continues to give users free games with their membership. The two new games, A World of Keflings and Iron Brigade are huge fan favorites and will be available for users to download for free in November.

These two big titles give users great games to have for free, and highlight the great deal that is Xbox Live Gold. The $60/year membership gives users two free games for their Xbox Live subscription, and gives Microsoft an edge over Sony when it comes to giving gamers a deal for their bucks.

A World Of Keflings Free From Xbox Live Gold In November

A World Of Keflings

The first free title for Xbox Live Gold members in November is “A World Of Keflings”, and this normally $10 game gives users the ways to go to exotic lands and find new friends along the way. Users can play as their Xbox Live Avatar and customize various lands and options within the Keflings land.

The game is a fun family and kids friendly game that has been rated very highly, and highlights the family game fun that the Xbox 360 and Xbox One systems can deliver. Users can complete quests, build music, build items, rescue friends, and even more. It will help users build acheivements within Xbox Live Gold too, and is just fun, and free.

Iron Brigade Rocks Xbox Live Gold In November For Free

Iron Brigade

The second game for Xbox Live Gold users from Microsoft is “Iron Brigade” and this game shows off the graphical powers of the Xbox 360 in so many ways. It is a game designed in the tower defense shooter style, and lets users shoot, defend their areas, and utilize the Xbox Live Gold membership to play against others from around the world.

This game which will be available towards the middle of November, as the Xbox One is released, has thousands of customizations and has numerous different endings for users to play. Join in with Xbox Live Gold friends, enjoy the power of Microsoft gaming, and have a fun game that truly is graphical, full of machines, and free. It is a huge fan favorite, and makes the Xbox Live Gold a great membership to have.

I love the Xbox Live Gold membership, and at $60 with two games a month is a steal. You get so much from it, and free games rock.

Published: Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 Last Modified: November 5, 2013

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