Games Review Round Up: Assasin’s Creed IV, Batman Arkham Origins, Football Manager

We take a look at some of the reviews and feedback some of the recent games have been getting upon their release.

Assassin’s Creed IV Impresses

The Assassins Creed series had gone from strength to strength until Assassins Creed 3 – which many felt had a few pacing problems , especially early on. However the game still impressed enough to get several “Game of the Year” nominations and there was much expected of the follow up – Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag.

Assassins Creed IV Review Roundup

How did it fare? Heres some of the feedback so far from respected reviewers.

Gamespot praised the vibrant world, naval combat and found the progressions system worked very well. They gave it 9 out of 10.

“Black Flag presents a world full of adventure and opportunity, where treasures scavenged in a remote jungle can be used to turn the tide in a massive naval battle against mighty Spanish warships. It’s a game where you can sail the seas for hours at a time, either hunting great white sharks or simply listening to your crew sing one infectious sea shanty after the next. “

Eurogamer also gave the game 9 out of 10 praising the story and how the naval gameplay contrasted to the traditional rooftop jumping we are used to.

“Edward doesn’t have the impish wit of fan favourite Ezio Auditore, against whom all Assassin’s Creed protagonists are destined to be measured, but in the end he felt more rounded to me. The revelation, though, is the treasure of a game he stars in.”

In general reviews across the board have been very positive with nearly all aspects of the game being roundly praised.

Batman Arkham Origins Underwhelms on Release

The news is less positive for Batman Arkham Origins. After two blockbuster releasers the developers have been switched around and many feared that the third game in the series would not live up to the hype. While not panned completely by any means – the reviews have fallen well short compared to its predecessors.

Batman Arkham Origins Review Roundup

Official Xbox Magazine did give the game a hefty 9 out of 10 though praising the story and its rock solid mechanics it maintained from the previous games – which it also acknowledged this release did not match.

“Even with the addition of some clever multiplayer, however, Origins doesn’t quite match the brilliance of its predecessors — but boy does it come impressively close.”

EGM were much more critical however giving the game a 6.5. They felt that there were too many unneeded changes to a winning formula that did not improve the experience and actually ruined some of Rocksteady’s cornerstone elements.

” the game falls short of the lofty expectations established by the first two Arkham games”

So it might not have been the triple A title we were hoping for – but there’s still a decent game behind it all that’s well worth picking up if you’re a fan of the first two.

Football Manager 2014 As Popular as Ever

Rounding up our look at this week’s new releases is Football Manager 2014. The Football Manager series has a massive following that will seemingly buy the game no matter what little changes are added to the series year on year. This year’s release appears to have made some big improvements however and has been praised highly by critics.

Football Manager 2014 Review RoundUp

Eurogamer scored the release 8 out of 10 praising the simplification of some of the gameplay while keeping it ultra-realistic feel and also the improvement to the FM Classic mode.

“While FM14 feels in many ways like a standard release, the subtle changes to philosophy beneath the hood feel like a corner being turned – an acceptance, perhaps, that sometimes for a complex simulation to remain captivating, parts of it must be made simpler.”

British publication “The Telegraph” was even more fulsome in its praise for release. They praised the new tactics mechanisms and claiming the game overall felt more “convenient”. They scored it a 9 out of 10.

FM continues to build an enormous, cogent world out of a crazy, crazy sport continues to be a marvel.

So as ever Football Manager 2014 is the go to game if you’re looking for some soccer management-sim action.

Published: Saturday, November 9th, 2013 Last Modified: November 9, 2013

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