Games For Windows Is No More

Friday marked an important day in the history of Windows gaming for the PC market, as Microsoft ended the Windows Live Store effective August 22nd.

This move by Microsoft might anger some PC fans who rely on the Windows Live Store for gaming, but others it might not. More and more gamers are using Steam and other platforms to game on, so the Windows Live gaming section might need a revamp versus a kill.


Points System and PC Marketplace Facing Closure

On the Xbox blog post, Microsoft revealed that the Points system and PC marketplace would be closed. What this means for users, is that the Windows Live users will not longer be able to purchase games via that platform. Older and previously purchased games will be available to play, but any new games will have to be purchased elsewhere.

Latest Move Resulting From Jason Holtman Hire

The quick move by Microsoft to close down the Windows Live gaming section might be the latest move as a result via the hire of Jason Holtman. He was brought into Microsoft to revitalize the Windows gaming systems and had experience at Valve’s Steam digital platform department. The focus to revitalize the Windows gaming division might just be overhauled for the time period and launched under a different name down the road.

Windows Live Never A Winner?

The growth of Windows gaming has never been a result of the Windows Live gaming area. Fans who used the system to buy games hated it because of the DRM technicalities, and Xbox titles were never properly ported to the Windows platform. This might be the thing that Windows and Microsoft needs to do to get the Windows gaming ecosystem back on track.

This move on Friday, might have shocked Microsoft fans but those who follow the gaming market know Microsoft was never a true Windows gaming powerhouse. Valve’s steam market has a strong grip on Windows gaming and Microsoft should look at partnering with Steam to get the two giants together and give Windows gamers a true powerhouse system.

Published: Monday, August 19th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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