Games dominate most paid download-list on Windows store

More and more paid Windows 8 apps are being released on the Windows Store but it is games that continue to dominate the most downloaded lists. As of today eight of the top ten positions are occupied by games.

Games dominate most paid download list on Windows Store

The most downloaded Windows 8 paid app is Temple Run: Brave. There is now an endless amount of copycat “endless run” games that are seeking to gain a share in Temple Run’s success but it is the original that remains the most downloaded.

The ever-popular Angry Bird series is represented twice on the list with Angry Birds Star Wars taking second place in the list and Angry Birds Space coming in at tenth. It seems there is no end in sight for this series with a movie release also being announced.

A unique approach from one developer has seen their app receive a huge revenue boost!

Most interestingly perhaps is that Game Dev Tycoon has shot up to fourth place on the list. Game Dev Tycoon was released a few months back to little fanfare but has received a massive boost in popularity following a unique approach from Greenheart Games.

They released their own pirated “cracked” version on torrent sites only for the game to tell the player in an in-game sales report that the game isn’t selling due to it being pirated by many players. This approach has seen the original game shoot all the way up to fourth in the most paid apps category. Maybe this an approach we are likely to see more in future?

Are we likely to see some more non-game apps make the most paid downloaded list?

The two non-game apps are the streaming app Plex in sixth and Windows 8 Video Player Pro Hd in ninth.Plex allows users to stream music, videos and photos from your home computers running Plex Media Server and access content from a wide range of channels.

Overall it will be interesting to see how this list develops in the next few months and whether or not games will continue to dominate the list or will more unique and alternative applications make a breakthrough. Below is the list in full.

Top 10 most downloaded paid applications on the Windows Store

1. Temple Run: Brave ($4.99)
2. Angry Birds Star Wars ($4.99)
3. 4 Elements II Special Edition ($2.99)
4. Game Dev Tycoon ($7.99)
5. Fruit Ninja ($1.99)
6. Plex ($2.99)
7. Bejeweled Live ($4.99)
8. The Harvest ($6.99)
9. Windows 8 Video Player Pro HD ($2.49)
10. Angry Birds Space ($4.99)

Published: Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 Last Modified: June 6, 2013

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