Gamers Suffer Xbox One Green Screen Of Death

Of all things to go wrong on launch the one thing Microsoft desperately wanted to avoid was having another RROD incident – so have they?

Xbox One Suffers First Day Glitches

With any new system launch, the first few weeks are normally filled with various breakdown issues and malfunctions. Users are getting used the new technology and the companies start to come across issues that did not come up in testing.

Unfortunately, the Xbox One has come across a few of these issues after it’s recent launch.

Xbox One Green Screen Of Death

After the Xbox 360 and its Red Ring of Death saga, Microsoft were hoping for no such drama this time around. Yet due to the previous experience it would have been foolish for the company not to think that the gaming world was not going to latch onto sign of early breakdown. So how bad are the glitches?

Green Screen of Death – Xbox One

It doesn’t take long for any bugs to get nicknames these days but this one was certainly the fastest we have come across. After launch some gamers were faced with their Xbox One seemingly in limbo as it downloaded the required update.

They quickly flocked to the support forums and it wasn’t long before the issue was coined the “Green Screen of Death” . This is despite a simple restart fixed nearly all the isses.For other – simply waiting a few extra minutes did the trick.

Xbox One Launch Issues

The “green screen of death” occurred when the machine was turned on for the first time, and a rather then progress to a controller configuration the gamer was left with a little start-up splash.

How To Fix Green Screen of Death -Xbox One

So what if a restart of simply waiting a few extra minutes did not work for you? Well then there is one other way to fix the “Green Screen of Death”. Simply download the Xbox One update of the website and install if directly off the flash drive.

There have been other issues reported too that will be a worry for Microsoft with the holiday season sales around the corner. Some users have been reporting issues with the systems optical disk drive failing to read discs and making clicking sounds when game disc is inserted.

Xbox 360 RROD

Microsoft will remember all too well the countless issues they endured Xbox 360 launch, which ended up costing the company $1 billion to fix. There will be hoping that the only issue is with the Xbox one are not as catastrophic as that

Published: Thursday, November 28th, 2013 Last Modified: November 28, 2013

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