Gamers Get ready for Steam Summer Sale

PC gamers and Steam lovers were waiting with mouse in hand as Steam kick off their legendary summer sale.

Time to stock up as Steam Summer Sale kicks off

It’s that time of year again. You don’t want it but its 4.99 down from 29.99. You buy it twice but never end up playing it even once as it gets lost in your ever growing library of bargain hunting gems.

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the famous Steam Summer Sale.


Every year gamers rush to the Steam Store(metaphorically of course – its online) to pick up bargain after bargain. Games they’ve been waiting for the price to drop and others they never planned on buying but got swayed into purchasing because of the big price slash and cool trailer.

Bioshock Infinite and Left 4 Dead 2 get the party started

Among the price drops that have got our attention on the opening day is Bioshock Infinite which is down to 24.99 euro or 29.99 dollars even though it is a relatively recent release.

Left 4 Dead 2s price has also been sliced down by 75% and Defiance has had its price marked down by a 66% also.


Other games with discounts due to the sale are Endless Space, Mars: War Logs, Hotline Miami, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Toki Tori 2+, and Don’t Starve. So if you have been waiting to get your hands on any of them now’s your chance!

More Sales expected to follow

The summer sale also has shorter eight-hour sales that come and go like that so it is important to keep checking in.

So far we have seen Skyrim:Legendary Edition,Dragon Age:Origins and Counter Strike all appear in the eight hour sale window.


Steam are also continuing there player choice features and offering gamers to have a say on upcoming sales – currently the options are Dishonored,Borderlands 2 or Far Cry 3 so if any of those take your fancy be sure to login and vote.

In the meant time keep checking and we keep our ear to the monitor and cover and further sales announcements.

Published: Friday, July 12th, 2013 Last Modified: July 12, 2013

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