Gameplay Video: Borderlands 2 Embargo Ends: New Weapons, Robots and Characters

Borderlands 2 Features News

The upcoming sequel promises more weapons, and robots. Watch the gameplay video for the latest footage.

Gameplay Video: Weapons, Characters, Robots

Gearbox show off their upcoming sequel to the press, promising new guns, robots and characters

The original Borderlands was a curious, but successful, mixture of genres. Combining RPG-esque customization, four player co-op, and literally thousands of weapons, Gearbox Software released a surprising hit. Its sequel – Borderlands 2 – it out later this year, but previews dive into the game.

Borderlands was built on eight different brands, which transferred into the weapons and items players found and bought. In Borderlands 2, branding is being taken further – to the point where it could influence characters and the way they behave.

“We are definitely exploring ways to implement the branding,” Kevin Duc, concept artist on Borderlands 2, said. He never definitively answered the question though, hinting we’ll have to wait until the game releases to find out how the branding works in the game.

One of my chief disappointments with Borderlands, which I complained about straight away, was the lack of customization. I could only change my colour on different parts of my outfit? That was a bummer, to say the least, but things could be changing in Borderlands 2.

When asked by Vox Games whether players would be able to change their appearance in the traditional manner – going through presets, changing the look of the character aesthetically – Duc didn’t provide an answer. When asked whether manufacturers would have an impact on a characters appearance, he said you “should definitely come to our PAX East panel.”

Duc also says that they are using focus groups to test the game, and the groups are talking about what brands they like within an hour of playing the game.

Gearbox is changing the way the universe of Borderlands 2 is shaped, removing Acts and replacing them with Seasons. Seasons are “bigger and more important than missions,” says senior producer Sean Reardon. Episodes are a larger section of the storyline rather than a simple mission or quest. The aim is to remove fetch quests, and have a storyline that means something to players.

Missions will also have choices, giving players moral dilemmas, though don’t have an impact on the world outside of that quest.

Release Date

As reported, Borderlands 2 release date is later this year, get ready to discover millions of weapons all over again September 18.

Download Borderlands 2 Windows 7 Themes

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Borderlands 2 Windows 7 Theme With Start Orb

Published: Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 Last Modified: April 4, 2012

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