Game In The Cloud With Vortex Cloud Gaming on WIndows 10

As the evolution of PC gaming has gone from multiple floppies, to CD-Roms, to Blu-Ray’s, and eventually cloud gaming, many companies are in the cloud for gamers. Now, Vortex Cloud Gaming joins the crowds.

Vortex Cloud Gaming is a Windows 10 service and app made by RemoteMyApp, and it allows users to play PC games on their machines via the cloud. They promise gamers a great service at a great price.

Vortex Cloud Gaming Delivers Cloud Gaming To Windows 10 Users

Game In The Cloud

The first thing that Vortex Cloud Gaming is about is the gaming in the cloud notion. They have all the games from the Vortex library preinstalled on servers, and it just requires an internet connection to start playing.

The user just needs to install the Windows 10 app and click play game, and they are able to start playing shortly. The service uses nVidia hardware to scale the games and brings great graphics to the end user.

Experience Cloud Gaming Action With Vortex Cloud Gaming App

Often Updated & Recommended

The Vortex Cloud gaming app comes with access to over 100 games, and the app itself is frequently updated. The latest updates allow for compatibility with the Xbox One, and a lot of gamepads.

The service itself has been received well by the large PC gaming community, and the low monthly subscription gives gamers access to a ton of games. It’s worth trying if you like games and like the ability to play a ton of them.

Vortex Cloud Gaming is a free app with a monthly subscription plan for gamers. Try it out and let us know if it works for you.

Published: Saturday, July 29th, 2017 Last Modified: July 29, 2017

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