Future Warfare: Yemen And LA Multiplayer Maps Confirmed For Black Ops 2

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Black Ops 2 takes place in the future, the year 2025. Two new multiplayer maps take you to Yemen and LA, more details after the break

Finally, a different setting: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 brings futuristic warfare to players in 2025

Didn’t Call of Duty: Black Ops do the whole time travel thing? Didn’t we sit in chair, be tortured and then travel around with a guy called Resnov only to find out he was imaginary? Yeah, we did, and it’s happening all over again. Only this time, we’re going into the future.

The game takes place about 20 years after the original Black Ops, in the 1980s, playing as Alex Mason from Black Ops. His son, David Mason, is playable in the year 2025. I’m guessing they link in some way, or you’re re-investigating Alex’s decisions.

Woods also returns from Black Ops, though he somehow survived a near-death experience from a grenade blast and is a narrator. He is old, unsurprisingly. Assuming he was in his mid-30s in Black Ops 2, he’s going to be around 80.

The story revolves around the rise of Raul Menendez, the villain who is determined to use the world’s autonomous armies against themselves.

Moral decisions in Call of Duty?

Strike Force missions are a new feature: they bring non-linear levels that are scattered throughout the single-player campaign that allow players to move between an entire team of soldiers and machines on the battlefield. For the first time, Call of Duty seems to have impactful decision making in the campaign: losing or using these machines influences the outcome of the story. I’m not sure people really care about the Call of Duty story enough to want to influence the story. Campaigns are usually run-and-gun, high-octane affairs where America – or one man from America – saves the world. Again.

Multiplayer will be set in the future, which is disappointing as it seems something unique could have been done with maps from the 1980s and 2025. There will be a map on an island of Yemen and at the center of downtown LA. The developer’s said the multiplayer is being designed with e-sports, competitive players, in mind. Halo 4, launching in November, looks like a return to simpler mechanics, which competitive players – especially those who play in MLG – want.

Published: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 Last Modified: May 2, 2012

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