Full Twitch Desktop App Available To Download On Windows 10

Twitch is easily one of the biggest streaming services across the Internet, and their initial Windows 10 app delivered users a subpar app. This frustrated users of Twitch, awaiting a new final app from Twitch. Now, Twitch has given users a finalized Windows 10 app.

The official Twitch desktop app on Windows 1- is now the full Twitch Desktop App, according to a blog post by Twitch. The fully armed and operational app gives users tons of features, plus access to exclusive tools, including Twitch in dark mode which should please some users.

Twitch Desktop App Gets Final Release On Windows 10

Fast and Slick

One of the first things that users will notice about the updated app, is the speed and reliability of the app on Windows 10. The new app is lightning fast, and gives users access to VODs, clips, live streams, chats, subscriptions, and bits. All of this makes this final version of the app much better than before.

The dark mode is something that avid Twitch users might find very useful overall. It comes with a gloomy user interface, and produces less light on the screen. This allows for easier nighttime streaming, chatting, and allowing users to pretty much do anything within the new app.

Stream Twitch From Your Windows 10 Machine With New App

Still Twitch A Hosted App

One thing that Windows 10 users will find interesting about the final Twitch app, is that it’s not available via the Windows Store. Users will still need to head to the Twitch website to download the app, install it, and go through the paces with the installer software it includes.

By not including it at the Windows Store, Twitch is certainly isolating itself from many Windows 10 users, and it stops frequent updates from hitting the app via the store. I prefer Windows 10 apps to be sourced via the Windows Store this way, but Twitch has another method to their madness.

You can download the Twitch desktop app now. Try it out, and if you love Twitch, you will love this new app from them.


Published: Thursday, September 7th, 2017 Last Modified: September 7, 2017

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