Fujitsu Product Roadmap Hints At Q4 Release For Windows 8

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According to a product roadmap shown by Fujitsu during an official presentation, Windows 8 launch is going to happen in Q4 2012.

Windows 8 Launch Happening In Q4 2012 According To Fujitsu

Earlier this week, Fujitsu was seen talking about their upcoming tablets and notebooks at a press conference. During this event, the attendees were shown a slide that said Windows 8 was headed for launch in Q4 2012. With a dearth of solid information about when Windows 8 might be launched, this was taken to be yet another hint from a supporting company who has insider information.

The slideshow also contained images of a tablet running the Metro interface, suggesting that Fujitsu is developing a Windows 8 tablet too, just like the rest of the PC industry. And this gives rise to the concern, what exactly the Windows 8 launch slide was talking about.

It is quite possible that Fujitsu wasn’t talking about the commercial launch of the OS at all (cue: collective sigh from Windows fans). Instead the company was talking about its own product launch, which the press event was mostly about. So Fujitsu was likely talking about their line of Windows 8 devices being launched in Q4 2012, including the unnamed Windows 8 tablet that was spotted in the slideshow.

However, all hope is not lost because even if Fujitsu is talking about their own product launch, it still points to the fact that Windows 8 is actually on track for releasing before Q4 2012. After all, Fujitsu can’t release Windows 8 products if the OS itself is not commercially available yet.

Microsoft has thus far not mentioned anything about the possible release frame of Windows 8, choosing to play it by the ear instead. Steve Ballmer in fact once state 2012 as the release date, only to be later dismissed by his own company’s PR department. As of now, it seems like the Windows team will only think of a release date when they can foresee the end of the current development cycle. The lack of a date from them simply says that they still can’t see a plausible release date that falls within this year.

Published: Saturday, February 18th, 2012 Last Modified: February 18, 2012

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