From Ignite To Windows 10: Microsoft’s Vision

The Ignite Show came to an end this past week, and has given Microsoft two shows in a short period of time, to get their Windows Vision Out. With Build, it courted the developers, and with Ignite, the IT professionals. All of this in the past week, has showcased Microsoft’s vision for Windows 10.

Satya Nadella clearly has a focus and a vision for Microsoft with Windows 10. During these two large trade shows, the vision has been shared. It’s a time of momentum, a time for transformation, and a time to make Windows as a Service more than just a program that everyone uses.

Microsoft's Ignite Speech Seen Visually In Cartoon Rendering

Microsoft’s Vision

From a simple program to a service, Microsoft wants to give Windows 10 a new goal. The new goal will reinvent productivity in the workplace, make mobile first, and empower people and organizations. Windows 10 will be the first of these programs, and Microsoft will empower the other programs with Windows 10 also.

Microsoft wants to use Windows 10 as the way to get into businesses, and then sell them on programs and services that work along side with Windows 10. By almost giving it away, Microsoft is in a way going the Apple way. Give away the operating system, and make money on services and subscriptions for all.

Microsoft's Satya Nadella During Ignite Show In Chicago Last Week

Satya Nadella’s Goal As CEO

As CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella has transformed Microsoft from a product company, to a services company. He wants to make the company more enterprise friendly, and help all industries build on Microsoft’s technology. He also sees Microsoft’s role to get into the mobile world quickly, and not lose out to other companies.

Micrsoft clearly sees the cloud as their highest priority as well, and demo’d that during their Build and Ignite shows. It is a leader in the cloud services sector, and is growing it out of control. Microsoft and Satya Nadella have led that charge, and investors along with analysts are seeing the results.

Microsoft used Build and Ignite to showcase their vision. Now, its up to Microsoft to deliver it to consumers and the enterprise.

Published: Monday, May 11th, 2015 Last Modified: May 11, 2015

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