Free Fiete and Shark Dash Mark Red Stripe Specials

We know that readers love great software deals, and Microsoft gives readers and users great specials via its Red Stripe Deals every week. On Friday, Microsoft issued its latest collection of deals, which include a free book, and ha half priced Shark game to please gamers.

The latest release of titles is a mixture of different apps and games for Windows Phone and Windows devices. With up to 50 percent off in certain circumstances, it is sure to please fans of all ages, and makes Red Stripe Deals worth following every week they are out.

Microsoft Gives Away Fiete Book In Latest Red Stripe Deal

Free Fiete Book

Children are the most important group of computing fans, and as part of this weeks Red Stripe Deals, Microsoft marked the book Fiete as their big release. It’s an interactive picture book, and is geared towards children to complete tasks. It’s fun for kids and great for all who love to have fun.

This free game is available for Windows Phone Store and Windows Store currently, and shows off the power of the Windows platform for books and interactivity. Microsoft will certainly make this a free book worth trying for kids, and normally priced at 99 cents and $2.49, it is a great deal.

Microsoft Showcases Shark Dash In Latest Red Stripe Sale

Other Bargains This Week

In the Red Stripe Specials, Microsoft has highlighted other apps as well. It has marked Shark Dash, Shoot 1UP, OALD, Firefighters, Tiny Firefighters, Toca Kitchen, Diagnose Your Car, and Golden Seeds for the list of discounted games and apps. These are available for the Windows Phone and Windows platforms.

All of these games and apps are great deals, and in particular the OALD. It is normally priced at $27.99 and is on sale for only $13.99. Fun games listed above are great bargains as well, and show off how easy it is to download programs directly from Microsoft’s stores. Microsoft wants to encourage developers to build for users this way, and discounts these apps and games to showcase them as well. The list of games and apps are getting better each week, and we highlight them each week as well.

I enjoy Microsoft’s Red Stripe Deals. They are great bargains and great apps too.

Published: Monday, August 11th, 2014 Last Modified: August 11, 2014

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