Free Facebook Themes and Layouts

Do you want to some free Facebook themes and layouts? Yep, Facebook can be customized as well, not only Windows 7. There are many totally free Facebook themes available on the net.

Free Facebook Themes and Layouts

1. Install Facebook Theme Plugin

First of all, download ChameleonTom, which is the plugin that allows you to apply Facebook themes. It’s available for Internet Explorer and Firefox!

Download ChameleonTom (free)

2. Preview & Install Facebook Themes

Next, you can preview and install Facebook themes. Currently there are the following categories: Holidays, music, sexy, cars, sport, romantic, games, films, nature, cartoon, abstract, flowers and others. Installing themes is really simple and can be done with one click.

Free Facebook Themes

3. Allow Access

Click on the hyperlink “Install” and Chameleon Tom will try to apply your Facebook theme, but first it needs access. Grant it access to apply the theme:

Allow Facebook Application

4. Enjoy Facebook Themes

I chose the Lamborghini Theme, but there loads of other themes and layouts for Facebook. I attached a list of Facebook themes below. Once you installed ChameleonTom, you can invite your friends to use your new layouts.

Facebook Theme Layout

Facebook Themes/Layouts Examples

  • Wall Style Facebook Theme
  • Mazda Car Facebook Theme
  • Wall Facebook Theme
  • Infinity Facebook Theme
  • Michael Jackson Facebook Theme
  • Birthday Facebook Theme
  • Wedding Facebook Theme
  • Need for Speed Facebook Theme
  • Lamborghini Facebook Theme
  • Counter-Strike Facebook Theme
  • Angelina Jolie Facebook Theme
  • FireGuitar Facebook Theme
  • Green Patterns Facebook Theme
  • Abstract Circles Facebook Theme
  • Some grass Facebook Theme
  • Peafowl Facebook Theme
  • Bob Marley Facebook Theme
  • Sexy Twins Facebook Theme
  • Sexy Girl Facebook Theme
  • Bike & Baseball Facebook Theme
  • GTA4 Facebook Theme
  • Lindsay Lohan Facebook Theme
  • Mr and Mrs Smith Facebook Theme
  • Disney’s Mickey Mouse Facebook Theme
Published: Wednesday, February 24th, 2010 Last Modified: February 24, 2010

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