Formula 1 Fans Get Amazing Windows 10 App

Formula 1 fans around the world love their racing sport, and will be awake at any hour of the day to enjoy the races. The global racing brand has millions of fans, and now officially has a Windows 10 PC and Mobile app.

The newly released Formula 1 app is available for both the desktop and mobile platforms, and gives you a ton of driver and racing news & updates. It’s free to download, and should keep you glued in for race day and beyond.

Formula 1 Fans Get New Windows 10 App

Formula 1 App Details

When you download the Formula 1 racing app for Windows 10, you get the official live timing of all F1 sessions. You also get sector times with intervals and gaps, live tyre and pit stop information, and beyond.

Additionally, you get interactive 3D maps with driver gears and speeds, an in-corner analysis of comparing drivers and speeds. Inside the app you get a great dashboard with text commentary and English audio commentary.

Follow Formula 1 Races With Windows 10 App

Follow Your Team Live

With the Formula 1 app for Windows 10, you can follow your favorite team radio transmissions and also get their race control messages. You can also personalize the app for your likes and team, and get your race day made for this app.

It’s available for free from the Windows Store, and you get text commentary in English, French, and German. The commentary is live during the F1 sessions, and is great download. If you love Formula 1, this is your type of app.

Download the Formula 1 app today. It’s a racer’s dream app, and a Formula 1 fans perfect app.


Published: Tuesday, July 12th, 2016 Last Modified: July 12, 2016

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