Former Disney Director To Sell Windows 8 For Microsoft

That’s right folks, the same force that sold the fairytales and the magic of Disney to the hungry masses, will be the one to work on selling the highly anticipated next version of Microsoft’s Windows OS.

Disney Director Selling Windows 8 For Microsoft

Microsoft Hires Former Disney Director For Marketing

Jay Victor used to be the Brand Strategy director at Disney, but now he will be strategizing about how to sell the Metro UI blessed next generation of Windows instead of the Mickeys and Donalds of the world. And it doesn’t stop there either.

Microsoft has hired him to be the person who develops and markets all major Microsoft brands including the key ones like XBOX, Bing and Office. However, the details of this is yet to be divulged.

Microsoft Trust In A Heavyweight To Hedge Their “Biggest Gamble Ever”

According to current MSFT CEO Steve Ballmer, Windows 8 is their biggest gamble ever. So it only makes sense that they would bring in someone like Victor who has years of experience in selling consumer-oriented brands.

There’s already a lot of excitement around Windows 8 but that it yet to find a direction. Like we have already seen with Vista, a lot of attention can also be an equally bad thing. Flaws are blow out of proportion and merits are subdued and overlooked. Plus the competition is always there to tear you down at the first opportunity (remember the Apple ads poking fun at Vista?).

With Victor’s track record, it looks like foundation brands of Microsoft are going to be in safe hands. He looks like a well-equipped replacement for Mich Mathews, the former Central Marketing Group Head for Microsoft. Mathews announced her retirement in Spring this year and Victor will be replacing her as the direct successor.

Microsoft has a very important few quarters ahead and how it fares during those will decide it’s market for the coming years more than ever before. So it will pay them to be well prepared and not taking anymore chances. They have recovered well from Vista and everyone is amiable towards Windows Phone 7. This is a good time to continue being loved.

Published: Friday, July 1st, 2011 Last Modified: July 1, 2011

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