Food And Drink App Updates Come To Bing App

Those who use Windows Phone enjoy the variety of Bing apps that are installed in the phone. On Thursday, Bing came out with a brand new app for Windows Phone users that will highlight food and drinks in new ways, that include recipes and photos.

The pre-release Beta app is initially meant for Microsoft testing purposes, but it is available for users who want to test the latest and greatest Bing app. It is limited in testing, but is aiming to be the net lifestyle app for Microsoft and its Windows Phone fans.

Microsoft Releases Beta Bing Food And Drink App For Windows Phone Users

What’s Cooking Inside The App

With the Bing Food and Drink app, users will be able to explore recipes, choose wine and cocktail combinations, and how to make their next tasty meal. Inside the app, users will also be treated to high visual photos that give them a great representation of their recipe. Shopping lists and collections are also included to try out.

Microsoft has gained a lot of users with the latest updates of its Bing apps, and this move is the latest to enjoy the good luck. Windows Phone is gaining traction around the world, and Microsoft is looking to please these customers with visually stunning apps that are more than just the normal app, and to convert them to Windows Phone.

High Resolution Images Make Bing Food And Drink App A Huge Hit

Syncing And Sharing Included

One of the best features about the Bing Food and Drink app is the ability to sync shopping lists across all devices. An example of this would be if you have a Surface shopping list, and it could sync to your Windows Phone for shopping at the store. One would imagine that desktop syncing could also be rolled out into future updates.

The last part of this app that is exciting is the ability to share receipes and collection s with others. Bing has a strong social element and the exciting ability to share with friends and families only brings that out. It can be shared with spouses, children, family members, coworkers, or anyone else. While it still is in beta, it could be one of the most used Windows Phone apps before too long.

I downloaded the app and like it a lot. I’m not a huge cook, but if it can organize my shopping trips to my grocery store, I’m a fan.

Published: Friday, January 31st, 2014 Last Modified: January 31, 2014

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