Flappy Bird Removal Causes Craze Price Hikes

When the creator of Flappy Bird removed his game from the App Store could he have ever imagined such scenes?

Flappy Bird Fad Ongoing

The Flappy Bird fad is just getting wackier as the days go by. From what is a rudimentaly simple game – it has surged in popularity quicker than anyone could have ever imagined.

The simple iOS and Android release involving guiding a bird through a never ending (possibly) set of oncoming obstacles – the main point of difficulty came with trying to stay concentrated through it all.


The game took off and seemingly the whole smarphone userbase headed to Twitter and Facebook to vent their frustrations at the frustrating title.

Developer Takes Down Flappy Bird

The developer took some of these frustrations to heart and after declaring that the game had ruined his life – he removed the free to play game from both mobile stores.

The game itself was nothing too special – a run of the mill endless runner with slightly charming retro graphics. The main USP was how quick and addictive it was to have “one more go” which is the case with nearly all breakthrough smartphone releases.


However , the cult has grown to epic proportions after the games removal and smartphones with the once free to download title installed after fetching many times their retail prices across auctions sites online.

How Long Will Flappy Fad Go On?

How long will this Flappy Bird Phenomenon last? It’s hard to tell but it ain’t over just yet. You can certainly expect countless clones and rip offs over the coming weeks as developers try to cash in.


Unfortunatley the developer of the game had been receiving death threats before he took down the title and is is still receiving them along with torrent of abuse. This is pretty ridiculus as it is not him who has made the title such a fad but the same market who turned Candy Crush Saga into a mult-million making release.

Published: Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 Last Modified: February 11, 2014

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