Fix Custom Windows 7 Themes That Are Not Working: Black Screen

Black Screen Themes Panel_ll Some people have reported some strange problems, when installing custom themes on Windows 7, they are not working and they can only see a black screen in their Personalization Control Panel

1. Step Open the Personalization Control Panel – do you see a black theme?

Black Screen Themes Panel

2. Step You did not properly install the custom theme by simply double-clicking the *.theme file. To correctly install a custom style you need to copy the entire style (extract the ZIP or RAR) into the following folder:

  • C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

3. Step This is what a typical custom theme looks like

Typical Custom Theme

4. Step Now copy BOTH, the folder Midnight and the file Midnight.theme (your files will have different names) into the folder mentioned in step 2

5. Step Finally, it looks like this:

Properly Installed Will Work Now

6. Step If you haven’t done so already, please download the Universal Theme Patcher and then patch your files and REBOOT

7. Step The next time you open the Control Panel, you can still see a black screen, but the theme will be listed under “Installed Themes” and is now officially installed (it’s a 3rd-party theme and not all themes provide a preview for the Personalization Control Panel, that’s why you might get a black screen, but don’t worry simply click on the Black Screen and the custom style will work just fine

Please keep in mind,

Published: Friday, February 1st, 2013 Last Modified: February 1, 2013

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