Five Critical Patches Arrive For Patch Tuesday

Microsoft is widely known for making their company bug fixes available on the second Tuesday of every month. It’s known as Patch Tuesday, and Microsoft issues anything from simple updates, to critical updates to the masses via Patch Tuesday. This Tuesday was like others, but with a number of fixes out to users.

During this Patch Tuesday rollout, Microsoft issued 12 different bulletins to users and those covered 56 separate vulnerabilities. They cover a number of Microsoft products covering Windows Office, Microsoft’s Edge Browser, and a number of other widely used products issued from Microsoft.

Microsoft Issues Bug Fixes For Patch Tuesday

Memory Corruption and DDOS Bug Fixes

One of the biggest ones fixed on Tuesday, was MS15-094, which covered a number of versions of Windows. It includes desktops, servers, tablets, desktops, and others. The bug fix will now fix memory corruption flaws in Internet Explorer. It stops those from the outside from installing bad bugs on your end.

Second up is MS15-098, which is geared to all versions of Windows on the market today. It helps fix a possible denial of service which could effect those users who work with Windows Journal. The list of documents were known to possibly get infected by attackers, and taken over, but that is now fixed.

Microsoft Issues Tons Of Fixes For Patch Tuesday Deliveries

Other Bug Fixes

Microsoft also issued MS15-099, which covers Microsoft Office. This set of fixes will help patch the way SharePoint handles links. It could allow hackers to run remote code on a targeted machine and let them steal data. This could include authentication cookies, and was a high priority fix for the enterprise.

Microsoft also issued a number of other fixes via bulletins that covered Windows, Skype, Lync, Exchange Server, and a number of other products. It was a big Patch Tuesday from Microsoft, but fixed a number of potential problems for users and enterprise users. Download the patches today please.

Patch Tuesday is an interesting day for Microsoft followers. It shows what was broken, what got fixed, and what needs to be fixed asap.

Published: Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 Last Modified: September 9, 2015

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