First Windows 8 Tablet Could Come From Lenovo


Lenovo has promised to become the first company to launch a Windows 8 tablet and the funny thing is that other company’s have expressed a desire to do as much.

Lenovo To Launch The First Windows 8 Tablet Ever: Lenovo

Industry news source “The Verge” has reported that Lenovo wants to become the first company to release Windows 8 tablet. More precisely, they want to be the first company ever to release “a consumer tablet running Microsoft’s forthcoming operating system”.

No further details have been offered on this tablet yet. There were rumors that the device will be built on an Intel processor and might in fact be the IdeaPad Yoga. Its 360 degree bending format factor drew a lot of attention at CES this year. And in that case, it would actually be an Ultrabook/tablet convertible.

Now here’s where it gets funny. Lenovo is not the first company to make this promise. MIcheal Dell of Dell has also made a similar promise. He wants the first Windows 8 tablet out to be a Dell tablet. He said that the tablet will ship the exact day that the OS ships.

And then there’s Nokia, which no one seems to be talking about. We have already reported before that Nokia has confirmed plans for a tablet but they have not given a time frame. That would make most people think that it is coming later. However, with their current closeness to Microsoft and rumors of merging their smartphone division in to the Redmond IT giant, there’s a chance that if Microsoft helps anyone be the first tablet to be out it would be the Finnish phone maker.

And let’s not forget that others like Asus, Acer, HTC, Samsung and Toshiba are also gearing up for a release schedule that matches the Windows 8 release. Nobody would want to be late to this party.

Published: Monday, March 19th, 2012 Last Modified: March 19, 2012

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