First Screens and Info on FIFA 13 Surface, Boasts Improved Dribbling

Fifa 2013 Details

Annual FIFA titles are continuing, and number 13 actually looks a bit different.

A few of the improvements in the upcoming FIFA have been revealed and promise yet more realism

Fifa 2013 Screenshot

I haven’t played FIFA since FIFA 10, because the series appeals to certain niche as you’d expect. That said, you have to admire how the team always find ways to improve the titles. Last year’s focused on the defensive side of football, while this year looks to be offering more offensive improvements.

FIFA 12 was shown off at a London showcase, and the game’s producer – David Rutter – said the game will feature five key improvement:

Named improvements

1. First Touch Control: One of the first things the team wanted to introduce into FIFA 13 was more realistic ball control, so now it’ll be more difficult to control a receiving ball. Previously a ball got passed and you basically couldn’t not control unless the ball was over or underpassed. In FIFA 13 the strength, speed, ball height and technical skills to achieve control of ball and run with it. That seems like a good change because better players will have better ball control, like in real life. In previous FIFA titles you could be a non-league footballer and still control the ball perfectly.

2. Player Impact: the player impact engine has also been improved, ensuring no more realistic animations when players tackle. Hilariously, players tackling were known to enter a rag doll animation of sorts which totally destroyed the realism of the game. Hopefully those crunching tackles are now a reality.

3. Complete Dribble: FIFA 12 allowed dribbling to be done by changing direction, but that won’t be possible anymore. Rutter didn’t share more information, but I bet it’s more complex and maybe players have to simulate dribbling with the analogue stick.

4. Tactical Free Kicks: a new free-kick system has been introduced; up to three players can now gather around the ball and make fun of the opposition’s defense and goalkeeper. Players can also feint direct shots, and adjust it to a player who comes off the wall. Defense set pieces have been improved: more players can be in a wall and can run out.

5. Attacking AI: player AI has been improved across the board.

Published: Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 Last Modified: May 8, 2012

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