First Release Program Announced By Microsoft

As part of the Office 365 ecosystem, Microsoft is looking for new customers and ways to keep current customers interested in the future of the subscription system. On Thursday, Microsoft announced a Office 365 roadmap, and will show off its future via the web interface.

By giving customers an Office 365 roadmap, Microsoft is giving its current and future customers a glimpse into the future of Office 365. Obviously with its success, Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription system is a huge success, and this will allow them to tap into new subscribers.

Microsoft Discusses Office 365 Roadmap And First Release

First Release Program

As part of wanting to get Office 365 into as many early previewers hands as possible, Microsoft announced a First Release program on Thursday. It’s a brand new program that will allow users to enjoy a small selection of the Office 365 experience, that include SharePoint, Exchange, and other products.

By giving users early access to these programs, Microsoft is courting users who want to be at the bleeding edge of technology. These early releases are scheduled to come out two weeks ahead of the scheduled release, and give those subscribers a little something extra. It should please those who want a little more from Office 365.

Microsoft's Office 365 Gets New Demo For Users To Try Via First Release

Why First Release?

Many though are pondering why Microsoft would be doing a First Release program after all, and why court those looking for a few weeks glory of testing. It’s a pretty simple thing, as these early birds are tech enthusiasts generally, and once they get their hands on the early bits, they will spread the word, and thus gaining subscribers to Office 365.

It’s a little bit of a publicity move by Microsoft by doing this, but it also gives them a roadmap of what’s ahead, and a way to talk to early users. Corporations can subscribe and give their users a way to test releases ahead of time, and get ready for the bits ahead. Microsoft will be hosting an event on June 24th to go over the program in whole, but it should be a good thing for Office 365 overall for users who love Office 365.

This is a bold move by Microsoft. Office 365 is huge, and this can only make it stronger.

Published: Friday, June 20th, 2014 Last Modified: June 20, 2014

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