First GTA 5 gameplay footage revealed!

At long last Rockstar have finally released gameplay footage of GTA V and it is everything we hoped for and more!

GTA V gameplay footage video excites fans

The narrator starts off the video promising a beautiful, massive and diverse world – and then starts to break down some of the features and quirks of the game.


In the first 30 seconds we see planes being flown, boats sailed, scuba diving and of course bikes and cars been driven in a gorgeous setting.

The intro also shows the vastly different areas involved from the wilderness country side to the urban areas.


Footage reveals more gameplay features

The narrator continues by introducing once more the three lead characters and how they affect the story and the mission structure .


A mission involving one of the characters sky-scraping a building while another pilots a helicopter to aid the robbery is shown. The three character approach will offer a new variety to missions and the mission structures themselves.

The footage explains how players will now be able to approach “jobs” and “heists” how they sit fit – whether to approach the task with stealth or all guns blazing.

It appears player will be able to lay out beforehand how the mission goes down and what role each character plays. Then, as the mission is played out, switch between the characters and partake in one high octane moment after another.

Rockstar Leave GTA Online cliff-hanger

The world is massive and there is plenty to do with the narrator of the video telling us how each part of the gameplays is refined to provide the most fun whether it is playing tennis to sky diving or driving fast cars. GTAV will have mini games better developed then some games selling at full price it looks like!


Teasingly the video ends on a cliff-hanger with the character looking over the city while we’re told there WILL be GTA online but they will discuss that more later.

Check out the footage below and let us know what you think!

Published: Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 Last Modified: October 23, 2013

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