First Darksiders 2 Reviews Are In, A Big Fat 90! (Screenshots and Trailers Below)

Darksiders Ii 360 Ps3 Pc Wallpaper ThemesThe first reviews for Darksiders 2, the sequel to THQ’s Action-RPG Darksiders, are coming in and it scores a big fat 90. Better than Max Payne 3.

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The XBOX 360 magazine has a world-exclusive review on DS2 in their current issue and they gave the game a big fat 9 out of 10 points. Another magazine reviewed the PS3 version and gave it a good score as well. If you’re slightly interested in hack n’ slash, open world, puzzle games, then you better check out the following footage.

I’m already sold on this, because it has everything a game can possibly offer. It has almost everything: mindless mob-killing, difficult puzzles, some of the largest in-game bosses you’ve seen, fast horses to explore huge and beautiful valleys, tons of sidequests, jump n’ run à la Prince of Persia and much much more.

Darksiders 2 Wallpaper 7

Trailers and TV Spots

Darksiders 2 looks pretty hot – let’s take a closer look at the lastest trailer:

Darksiders 2 TV spot:


Here are a couple screenshots of the Wii U version:

We also compiled this gallery of screenshots

Darksiders 2 On

We are currently tracking the Darksiders 2 sales numbers to see how well it sells. THQ, publisher of games like Red Faction, Saints Row and the Warhammer games, already stated that DS2 needs to sell 4-5 million copies before they would consider making Darksiders 3.

This means you should make sure to grab a retail copy or digital copy on Steam if you like this sort of game – and who wouldn’t like it? It has everything: RPG, Shooter, Jump n’ Run, Hack n’ Slash and many other elements. There’s a lot to explore and a lot to do in this game and you will probably have more fun with this than with Diablo 3 if you did not like the auction house.

Published: Thursday, August 9th, 2012 Last Modified: September 25, 2012

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