First Crysis 2 Ingame Footage: Tech Trailer

At the GDC 2010, Crytek presented a first tech trailer of the upcoming shooter Crysis 2. Crysis 2 will be using their new engine “CryEngine 3” that is supposed to have lower system requirements than the “CryEngine 2”.

The Cryengine 3 will allow real-time deformation of the environment, something that we have seen in no other game than Red Faction. The procedural destruction is definitely one of the hottest “features” of the CryEngine 3, but also the hit reactions look like a feature that will have great effects on gameplay. The facial animations are simply spectacular that some may wonder how CryTek can promise lower system requirements for Crysis 2, but it’s obvious that CryTek found a way to optimize the engine so that it would also run smoothly on all consoles.

Crysis 2 Screenshots

Crysis 2 Pictures

Published: Saturday, March 13th, 2010 Last Modified: March 13, 2010

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