First 30 Minutes Of Kingdoms Of Amalur Gameplay Video

Kingdoms Of Amalur Gameplay Video_thumb.jpg 1If you haven’t decided yet whether or not get this epic RPG, here are the first 30 minutes of Kingdoms of Amalur!


A lot of people compared KoA with Skyrim. Skyrim definitely offers more freedom to explore the world, but Kingdoms of Amalur has more interesting fights. Originally, 38 Studios was working with THQ on Kingdoms of Amalur and it was supposed to become a MMO. However, when EA took over they decided for a singleplayer game instead. If you take a look at the graphics and the HUD you can still see that is very close to a multiplayer game. A lot of people have already praised the crafting system of the game and of course there’s a lot of lore to explore if you’re into that.

The devs promised over 200 hours of gameplay, so yes you can easily compare it with Skyrim. If you like the graphics and like the gameplay video above, you should at least download the demo.

Published: Friday, February 10th, 2012 Last Modified: February 10, 2012

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