Firefox, Ubuntu & Apple Start Button for Windows 7

We have many good Windows 7 themes on our sites, but I recently received a few requests for a Firefox start button for Windows 7, so I decided to make a few new Start buttons for you.

Here’s a Firefox, Ubuntu and Apple Start button.

Start Buttons for Windows 7

It’s a simple Start button, but I added a nice glow to it on hover. For the Apple icon, I decided to add a green glow. My own favorite is the Firefox button.

Download Start Buttons BMP (Manual Install)

Right-click on a file and click on “Save As..”:

Apple Start Button

Ubuntu Start Button

Firefox Start Button

Then read our tutorial: Change Start button in Windows 7

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Download & Replace Explorer.exe (Automatic Install – 64-bit ONLY)

If you are on 64-bit system like me, you can use my explorer.exe files. Important: They won’t work on 32-bit systems!
Should you be on a 32-bit system, you can also wait until I release the 32-bit explorer, but it could take a while until I install it.

To auto-install the buttons, you will need to know how to replace the explorer.exe.

Download Start Button Themes

Published: Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010 Last Modified: May 4, 2011

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