Firefox For Windows 8: Release Date Later This Year

Firefox Soon On Windows 8 Metro_thumb.jpeg 1Mozilla has decided to support the Metro side of Windows 8 with a concept version of Firefox and the test builds will go up later this year.

Firefox Coming To Metro On Windows 8: Test Versions Later This Year

Mozilla is the maker of the popular Internet browser Firefox and they have started work on a brand new version of Firefox that will work on the Metro UI that Microsoft has created for Windows 8. The first test builds will be coming later this year. If they can stay on schedule then the Alpha build should come around by the second half of this year whilst the actual concept will be released in the second quarter of this year.

Since Metro is not just a new platform but also a new interface altogether, it would not be easy to port Firefox to it quickly. All software that has been developed for years on the classic platform will have to go through severe changes before they can work on Metro and this is definitely true for complex software like web-browsers and beyond like Photoshop.

Firefox has its own extensive UI features and customizability, which would have to be completely rethought when it gets to the Metro interface. The focus on content will mean that Mozilla will have to innovate when it comes to the menus that will be hiding as charms on any Metro App.

Thankfully, the legacy Desktop environment will be able to run Firefox as before and users who are dependent on it will not have to switch to IE10 on Metro. And with Windows on ARM (WOA) also coming with a limited version of the Desktop, tablet and other ultraportable Windows 8 device users will also not be required to sacrifice desktop-like performance should they want to use it.

As more and more developers jump in to provide software for Windows 8, the platform seems to be shaping up nicely and well ahead of its expected launch date of late 2012.

Published: Wednesday, February 15th, 2012 Last Modified: February 15, 2012

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