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Bing has been updating itself throughout 2014, and 2015’s first major update is all about best selling books, and in particular the New York Times Best Sellers. On Thursday, Bing announced a major update to its best-sellers carousel, which will have New York Times best sellers to view and purchase.

This latest update to Bing is all about bringing books to the masses, and Bing on its Bing Blogs is all about the update and it going live on Thursday. It’s a very colorful update, and one that shows off the best selling books currently out, and their availability to anyone interested.

Bing Gets NY Times Best-Sellers Carousel Update On Thursday

Ways To Search

With this update, Bing is allowing users to search for books in a more efficient and visual way. Users can search for best-selling fiction, non-fiction best-sellers, best-selling kid’s books, current times best business books, and many others. These sample search terms will bring up the best-sellers carousel.

Users can then click on the books that show up in the best-sellers carousel and get more information about that book they have chosen. Microsoft stated that they will be refreshing the carousel as the best-seller lists change, and that is usually on a weekly basis. This will help book sales as well.

Bing Now Highlights Best Sellers With New Info Pane And Retailers List

Book Highlights In Search

When the user clicks on the individual book, the book has a info pane that appears on the right side of the page. This gives a brief preview of the book, gives the author information, the genre of the book, and ways to read the books. Links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble will most commonly appear there.

This also brings together Bing’s ratings area, as the books are also shown with ratings via Bing and the other online retailers. This will be perfect for those who are looking for a new book to read, but aren’t sure of its overall reviews with others. It will expand the book genre for many as well.

The book carousel is a great update to Bing. It’s very user friendly, and very cool.

Published: Friday, January 9th, 2015 Last Modified: January 9, 2015

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