Finally: Windows 8 GA Release Date In October, Just Like We Expected

Windows 8 Ga Release Date

Microsoft has finally announced the release date for Windows 8, its latest version of the Windows operating system. It will Release to Manufacturing during August, Microsoft estimates.

It’s official, Windows 8 is coming this year and in October. Late October, actually

It’s been widely expected considering Windows 8 launched in the same window three years ago, but Windows 8 has been announced by Microsoft to be launching late October with the Release to Manufacturing happening during August. We’re still not sure how much non-upgrade purchases of Windows 8 will cost.

The new was announced at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference by the company’s Tami Reller. The August RTM date isn’t fixed, but it’s what Reller said Microsoft is aiming – and on track – to hit. Late October also wasn’t specified.

Previous rumors have said Microsoft would be meeting with OEMs around the middle of this year to discuss launch strategy, so a Release to Manufacturing suggests that has happened. In May the company said the RTM would happen within two months, so August is just outside of that estimate. Rumors towards the end of last month claimed Microsoft was putting RTM build together.

Windows 8 has been a somewhat controversial operating system due to its radical shift from the traditional Windows experience we’ve seen since Windows 95, though the desktop form of Windows 8 is available alongside Metro and looks almost identical to Windows 7 aside from the removal of the Aero Glass UI. Instead UI elements are flat, resembling Metro.


We’ve spoken before about how this version of Windows could be the first to usher in a Metro-only Windows, though it’s yet to be seen how functional Metro is in comparison to the desktop environment. Business is skeptical over the operating system, because Windows 7 seems a more attractive option when upgrading from Windows XP. It could be jarring for employees to manage two version of Windows, unless there’s a way to disable Metro.

Metro brings a greater focus on design than the desktop environment ever did, though. The fundamental UI is both fast and gorgeous to use, and with apps following a very specific tile-based layout there’s going to be that consistency in strong design we’ve seen on iOS.

Stay here to know the specific Windows 8 release date.

Published: Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 Last Modified: July 10, 2012

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